Continuing On!

_DSC7317 copy.mountain goat

The mountain goat is one animal that I haven’t been able to photograph yet.

There was one lone goat that we spotted next to the jagged cliff on the mountain peak.

We were a little too late in the season to see the herd of goats which were present a few weeks before.

I was glad to get this one photograph of the goat even though it was quite a distance away.

_DSC7178northern railroad

The mountain goat is the iconic symbol for the Great Northern Railway.

_DSC7188mountain goat

A carved mountain goat welcomes visitors to the inn and restaurant.

_DSC7194northern railroad

The setting for the historic inn was picturesque.  The excessive rain manifested itself in a splurge of fall colors.

_DSC7473Alberta Canada

The Alberta countryside consisted of acres of hay fields, farms, horses and cattle.

It rained constantly while we were in Canada for the entire 2 weeks.

_DSC7485Alberta countryside

_DSC7496Cardston sign

We went to Cardston to see the Cardston Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It had a very unique style of architecture, Mayan-Aztec and was designed in 1912.

_DSC7504Cardston Temple

_DSC7513Cardston Temple sign

_DSC7517Cardston Temple Alberta

_DSC7514Cardston temple gates

We arrived at Cardston, Alberta on a rain drenched evening a little after 6pm.  We drove around the quaint town in hopes of finding the temple.  We found it and arrived there about 6:20pm.  I wanted to take a few pictures of the temple and we saw a security guards and began talking.  I asked some details about the temple and we learned that there was one more session at 7pm that evening.  We were in our tourist clothes but the security guard opened the locked restrooms so we could quickly look through our suitcases to find church clothes and change in time to go on a temple session.  It is a lovely temple with unique furnishings and beautiful painted walls by LaConte Stewart and his students.

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