Seattle, Washington

We entered the Seattle area on a very rainy late afternoon.

We arrived just in time for the 5pm traffic gridlock.

_DSC8137entering Seattle

This is the city view from the freeway as we were driving across the toll bridge which is the quickest route to downtown.

Our first stop like many other Seattle visitors was to the world renowned Pike Place Market.

_DSC8194pike place sign

The quote below is taken from the linked website above:

“Established in 1907, Seattle’s Pike Place Market is the oldest continuously operating and most historically authentic public market in the country. When the Pike Place Market was threatened with demolition and replacement, citizens of Seattle voted in 1971 to establish a seven-acre Pike Place Market Historical District and a Market Historical Commission to preserve its physical and social character as “the soul of Seattle.” This section includes the history of the Market; the regulatory processes governing Market properties and uses; printable PDF application form; answers to frequently asked questions, meeting schedules and agendas of the Pike Place Market Historical Commission.”

If you would like to find out more about the market you can find more about the Pike Place Market by clicking on the link below:

_DSC8175fall bouquet

The market has gorgeous floral bouquets ranging in price from $5.00 to $15.00.

I love the flowering cabbage, sunflowers and stunning dahlias in this cheerfully colored arrangement.

If I lived in Seattle I would be purchasing these happiness bouquets each week.

_DSC8166mushrooms pike place market

The variety of mushrooms at the market are so diverse, Crimini, Lobster, Shitaki, Enoki, Oyster, Portabello, Morel, White Button Mushrooms, White Truffle, etc.

One could try a new type of mushroom everyday of the week.

_DSC8183fish market

One of the most famous things at the market is the freshly caught fish and the throwing escapades of the local fishmongers.

_DSC8488crabs PP

You can come to the market to buy your produce and fish and enjoy the added benefit of being entertained by the fish-throwers.


This kaleidoscope of bright peppers caught my eye.

I loved how they were strung into beautiful hanging decorations and wreaths.

_DSC8516doughnut line

No visit to the market is complete unless you sample the freshly made doughnuts by the local vendors.

The doughnut varieties are cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar and sprinkles.

The bite-sized doughnuts are served warm and you will have eaten the whole dozen before you know it.

_DSC8508donut robot

The “donut robot” is in constant motion and struggles to keep up with the demand.

_DSC8502doughnut line

The doughnut line is always long and strings down the corridor blocking the other market goers.

_DSC8547seattle needle

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