Christmas Time 2013

web Christmas 2013 Milt Pam

This year’s Christmas card was designed by Jordan from the Etsy website.   If you send her a picture and a detailed description, she will design a custom digital portrait for you.

She designed the Christmas card above.  I wanted to include the “JOY” of our lives which are our grandchildren in the card.  We feel so blessed to have our grandchildren close by.  They are indeed a great blessing and joy in our lives.  I used Jordan’s design as a base for the 2nd page of our card about our grandchildren.  I then proceeded to add my photos of the children that I took this year.  The boys also had some photos taken of them with the “nice” side of the burlap bag.  However, I had to use this “naughty” photo of the boys.  They look so mischievous in the picture but Alec was very upset that he had to have the “naughty side of the burlap bag showing. LOL!

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without children!

I found this quote about the importance of grandparents to their grandchildren from this website: grandchildren

“……A tender children’s story reminds us of the deep satisfaction we experience when we make sure love and care flows between generations. I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch depicts a mother cradling her newborn infant son in her arms, and she pens the words, “I’ll love you forever.” By the end of the tale the roles are reversed. The son, now grown, cradles his frail, aged mother in his arms and pens the words, “I’ll love you forever.”

D web 1 inside Christmas grandchildren

I loved how the cards turned out this year.

web merry christmas 2

This a second card that Jordan designed.  I didn’t send it out but I thought it was very cute and worth sharing.

I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas season.

Our neighbor gift this year was energy efficient light bulbs that highlight the “light of Christ” and relating it to “the light of your home.”

web Merry Christmas 2013 light of Christ 1 copy

web Alec Emmett nice

I had to share one of the photos of the boys in the “nice burlap bag,”  so that they would forgive me for using the “naughty” photo on the card.  I love being together with our family and celebrating the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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