Winter or Sunsets, what to choose?

Here in Utah it is winter with heavy snow on the ground and cold weather trapped under the clouds.  We have a very bad inversion in the Salt Lake Valley right now and the air is rated red, meaning it is hard to breathe due to trapped pollution.  We will be stuck in this haze and smog until the end of next week.  If you go to the higher elevations the sky is blue and beautiful.  I think a little car ride is in my future.

Why am I posting brilliant sunset pictures?  I am a dreamer.  I want to remember the beautiful vibrant sunsets we experienced in San Diego less than a month ago.  I have been to San Diego on countless occasions but I do not remember such remarkable sunsets as we experienced in December.  The sunsets looked like a sky ablaze with the most beautiful colors one could imagine.  Everyone near the beach stopped what they were doing and gazed with admiration at the beautiful painting of colors that lit the sky.  It was a breathtaking sight and one definitely worth recording for future viewing.






I am thankful that during the doldrums of the winter inversion I can focus my attention on these photographs of the most amazing sunsets.  I long to be back in San Diego.  My husband received a phone call from a friend who is in Disneyland today.  He told us that the temperature in the Los Angeles area was 87 degrees today.  Wow!  I am going to imagine that I am there right now!

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