The following video and thoughts were taken from the home page.  The message talks about motherhood.

It is a profession that today’s society frowns upon. We are “nothing” if we are “just a mother.” I taught elementary school for 6 years before we were able to adopt our son, Tyler. I had such a hard time getting pregnant and now that we had a child I wanted to stay home and be with my baby all the time. When I was finally able to get pregnant with the twins I absolutely needed to stay home to take care of 3 children who were 2 years and younger.

I’m not going to say that staying home was an easy option for me or our family. Financially, we definitely could have used the extra income. As for me sometimes, motherhood was physically and emotionally draining. I often felt lonely because I didn’t have any family living near us to help share the load.  My husband had a job that required that he do a lot of traveling.   Often I was doing the child care all on my own. I feel that the mother in the home was definitely the right decision for me and my family. I am not saying that to be a successful mother that you need to be a-stay-at- home mom but for me I think the positives outweighed the negatives.  Motherhood can be a thankless job but what is more important than the progression of your own posterity? I am thankful for my wonderful children and grandchildren and no they certainly were not perfect.  We had as many trials and tribulations as any other family however it was a blessing to us that I could spend time with our family. I hope that I was a mother who set a good example and was able to nurture our family members.

The second message that I wanted to share was a talk by Thomas S. Monson in 1973.  It is called “Behold Thy Mother.” A couple of passages I found inspiring are below:

“…..In this spirit, let us consider mother. Four mothers come to mind: first, mother forgotten; second, mother remembered; third, mother blessed; and finally, mother loved.

“Mother forgotten” is observed all too frequently. The nursing homes are crowded, the hospital beds are full, the days come and go—often the weeks and months pass—but mother is not visited. Can we not appreciate the pangs of loneliness, the yearnings of mother’s heart when hour after hour, alone in her age, she gazes out the window for the loved one who does not visit, the letter the postman does not bring. She listens for the knock that does not sound, the telephone that does not ring, the voice she does not hear. How does such a mother feel when her neighbor welcomes gladly the smile of a son, the hug of a daughter, the glad exclamation of a child, “Hello, Grandmother.”……………..

As a boy, I well remember Sunday School on Mother’s Day. We would hand to each mother present a small potted plant and sit in silent reverie as Melvin Watson, a blind member, would stand by the piano and sing, “That Wonderful Mother of Mine.” This was the first time I saw a blind man cry. Even today, in memory, I can see the moist tears move from those sightless eyes, then form tiny rivulets and course down his cheeks, falling finally upon the lapel of the suit he had never seen. In boyhood puzzlement I wondered why all of the grown men were silent, why so many handkerchiefs came forth. Now I know. You see, mother was remembered. Each boy, every girl, all fathers and husbands seemed to make a silent pledge: “I will remember that wonderful mother of mine.”…………..

I hope you had a memorable and loving Mother’s Day and please don’t forget the mother’s in your lives.

Enjoy the video!


It’s the highest, holiest service assumed by humankind. It’s the definition of selfless service. It’s both a daunting responsibility and a glorious opportunity. The divine role of motherhood is a gift from God, and key to His plan of happiness for all His children.

Who helped you tie your shoes or learn a new piece on the piano? When you forgot your science project was due the next day, who made a late-night run for poster board and glue? It was Mom.

Every Christmas, even though money was always tight, who consistently pulled off a miracle and made Christmas morning magical and memorable? It was Mom.

Now that you’re a parent, you may scratch your head wondering how she did it all. Each day is filled with toys to put away and noses to wipe, dinners to make and work to squeeze in. You can’t remember when—if ever—she took time for herself. But now you feel what your mom must have felt as you watch your toddler fall asleep and listen to his giggles in the other room.

You now understand better than ever that mothers are gifts from God. In fact, motherhood is the “highest, holiest service . . . given to mankind.”

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