Balboa Park Cactus Garden!

We have been to San Diego at least twice a year for more than 30 years.  It is amazing how we can discover new things that we haven’t done on each trip. Yes, we have been to Balboa Park many times.  The butterfly garden is one of my favorite spots but this year there were no butterflies and basically no plants.  They must have had a watering issue or they were redoing the flower beds, I’m not sure what was happening.  As we were returning to the car, I noticed the rose garden sign and we crossed the road to see what we could see, as the saying goes. As we were about to enter, I saw some spectacular cactus and a sign announcing The 1935 Old Cactus Garden.  We spent a good hour wandering around marveling at the unique succulents in the garden. It was breathtakingly beautiful.  Even in a dry,  desert climate there are many beauties to be found.

web cactus garden San Diego-ProjectLifeTemplate2013

Don’t forget to look for the everyday joys on your journey in life, even if it is in the desert!

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