A Week With Grandma!

Kaylin lives about an hour away from us so I don’t get to see her very often.  Milt was gone fishing at Jackson with his friend Kip.  I was going to be alone so I invited Kaylin to spend the week with me.  Her school got out and it was perfect timing for her to take our neighbor’s sewing camp.  Kaylin is so cute as she questioned me,  “Do we spend the night at sewing camp?”

web a Kaylin JS-ProjectLifeTemplate2013

That girl truly makes me smile so much when I am around her.Kaylin and I had a great time together doing all sorts of fun activities.  She learned how to thread the sewing machine and wind the bobbin and thread it.  She learned how to use scissors and the iron.  She made a sleepover drawstring bag which she is holding in the photo above, pink cupcake pajama pants, a floral ribbon bag, 3 headbands and I helped her with some shorts.  She really enjoyed her time at sewing camp and hanging out with grandma.  Kaylin is a very happy and sweet spirit.  We all are blessed to have her in our lives.

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