My Patriotic Toes and a Very Happy Birthday to Alec!

I got my fingernails and toenails done on Thursday.  I decided to go with a patriotic theme.  They turned out very well.web patriotic toesIMG_2657

In Utah we get to celebrate 2 patriotic holidays in the month of July.  First we celebrate America’s independence from England and on the 24th we celebrate the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the barren Salt Lake Valley.

On July 5th we celebrated Alec’s 5th birthday.  He is full of non-stop energy, a very busy and active mind and the softest heart for animals.  He is autistic and very hyper but we have found that he will calm down for hours if he can hold our miniature pinscher named David.  David is 14 years old.  She too is full of boundless energy just like Alec. (Yes, David is a girl because we had a full size Doberman Pinscher who was male and named, Goliath.  Our girl Min Pin had to receive the name David. LOL!}  Now that she is aging and has lots of gray hair she has slowed down quite a bit.  Alec loves to come to our house and “cuddle” with his “Gr-irly” by watching Nick Jr. and playing games on the iPad.

3webAlec 5th birthday-ProjectLifeTemplate2014Alec is super smart and has been reading since he was 2 and a half.  We are working on his aggressive behavior and learning to speak clearer.  We love Alec so much.  It truly is never a dull moment with Alec around.  A great big love to our big 5 year old Alec!

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