Harvest Time!

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We took a drive along the Alpine loop, the leaves were blazing with vibrant colors of golden, gleaming aspens, green pine trees and the brilliant hues of orange-rust scrub oak foliole. The Alpine Loop scenic backway is on SR-92 American Fork Canyon, Utah.  We had a picnic with Kaylin, Jade and Emmett in the back of the car.  The kids thought that it was the best idea ever.  Emmett wouldn’t get on the tractor at the pumpkin patch and gave me a serious “crusty” when I took his picture.  We affectionately call Emmett, “Our little grump!”

Alec didn’t go to the pumpkin patch because he was at school.  He loves his school.  Don’t feel too sorry for Alec because he is going to have 5 Halloween parties this year. LOL!

Kaylin and Jade had a great 2 days of cousin time.  The girls don’t get to see each other very often due to proximity challenges and school conflicts.  The fall weather has been beautiful this year.  The temperature has been in the mid 70’s which is very unusual for Utah.  I feel very blessed to live in such a beautiful world.

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