Halloween October 31, 2014


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Alec and Emmett were so cute this Halloween.  Emmett was the cutest tiger ever, even with his most recent wound which was on his forehead. Ouch!  His brother pushed him into the television and poor Em needed stitches, the 2nd time in 2 weeks.  We hope to get past this phase very soon.

We went up the canyon to capture a few photos to document this year’s Halloween.  The boys would not sit still because they were so worried about the next task that awaited them.  Trick-or-Treating!  I managed to get a few photos but not as many as I would have liked.

We went to Lana’s delightful Halloween party.  The boys were so excited to see candy and treats everywhere they looked.  They seriously took home two heavy buckets of candy.  I am so  glad that I am just the grandmother and won’t have to deal with the “sugar rush,”that his parents will face in the next few weeks.

The cutest thing that Alec did was as follows:  We went trick-or-treating in Lana’s neighborhood which was pretty quiet.  We could only find about 5 people home to give the boys treats.  Finally, we went to a dark cul-de- sac and found one person home.  After Alec had thanked the man for his candy, he walked back to the candy giver and declared, “I better give you a hug!”  The man told Alec he was fine and didn’t need a hug.  Now, I don’t know how anyone could turn down a hug from that smokey-faced fireman!  It just broke me heart.  At another house, as were walking away Alec yelled out, “I love you.”  Alec just melts my heart!

Emmett walked for a quarter of a block and then that awesome tiger roared that he needed to be carried.  It is such hard work walking to get your candy on Halloween.  What a rough life, yes?  We had a fantastic Halloween and are so grateful to be blessed with adorable grandchildren who remind us all what life is all about.

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