It’s A Whale Tale

We had a marvelous time in San Diego with our friends Jim and Liz and Bob and Barbara.  We ventured out on the Hornblower boat to take in the sights of the Pacific Ocean.  The vessel takes you along the city view of San Diego and out south towards the Mexican border.  We saw harbor seals, walrus, lots of birds and whales.  Watching a whale to me is a magical experience that reminds me how small I am in nature’s scheme of things.

Whale WatchingProject Life

whale project-life

As you gaze out into the deep ocean blue, a calming comes to my soul and makes me realize the beauties that are all around us.  It is so quiet as you scan the horizon for the first signs of a whale. Eventually you will see puffs of expelled air as the whale rises to the atmosphere to take a deep breath of oxygen.

However, the real jewel of whale sighting is when its massive body surges upward and out of the water. The whale tail raises to showcase that tail fluke which is the envy of all photographers.

That is my favorite part of whale watching and my hope is to get a beautiful photograph.

Waiting For Grey Whales

On shore watching
patiently waiting
for grey whales.
Scanning grey-blue sky
into grey-blue horizon
on grey-blue ocean
searching for a grey puff of breath
a fluke, sign of a whale amid the grey tipped waves.
Impatiently waiting for grey whales
in the blue-grey ocean
before the blue-grey horizon
under the blue-grey sky.
Waiting for grey whales
makes me

-by Shawn L. Bird


If you ever get a chance to go whale watching, “Do it!”

It is magical, breathtaking, inspiring, thrilling, exciting, moving, overwhelming and impressive.

I love the experience of whale watching and feel blessed to have reminiscent thoughts that will buoy my heart for the rest of my life.

3 thoughts on “It’s A Whale Tale

  1. It was a really, really FUN day with you and Milt and Bob and Barbara. The whole week with you was really nice. We’re so glad we had that opportunity. It was really a gift. XO Liz

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