Sleep’in in Hawaii……sh–sh–sh…


We had such a busy schedule while we were in Hawaii.  Julie and Chelsea fell asleep as we drove up to the North shore.  It was really quiet in the car and we hear this voice say, “Oh.”  We have no idea what Julie was dreaming about but we all had to chuckle after hearing her voice.

2 thoughts on “Sleep’in in Hawaii……sh–sh–sh…

  1. I actually wished I had fallen asleep, I was so tired because I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep with all the emotions going on inside of me! Anyway, Chelsea was out and so heavy on my lap that I did say something to her at one point. I heard the click of your camera! Fun blog!!

    • Thanks Julie, we enjoyed ourselves so much. With all the drama of your Dad being ill, you deserved to get a little rest, even if it was in Hawaii. LOL! Actually when you sit in the very back of the van, you are squished, hot, uncomfortable and can’t really see out. I would sleep too. Love you!

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