Alec graduated from The Children’s Center!

Alec graduation correct large project-life

Alec graduated from preschool on May 22, 2015.  It was an amazing experience for him to go to The Children’s Center.  The school focuses on children who have special needs.  They have a highly trained staff and a high teacher ratio to children.  Alec has autism and a regular preschool would have been too difficult for Alec to handle.  He has improved in so many social skills this year such as personal space, thinking before reacting, sharing, kindness, flexible thinking to name a few of his accomplishments.  At The Children’s Center, children only graduate when they have mastered a specific list of social skills before going on to their next step of education. The children only graduate individually not as a group as in regular public school.  We are all so proud of Alec and how much he has grown this year.  We love you Alec and know that you will be very successful in your life.  You bring joy to my heart!

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