Mission Accomplished!

web Collin PL 4

As each missionary returns home from a mission they will question their ability to “fit” back into a “regular,” temporal, everyday life.  I found an interesting article about a return missionary that might give us some insight into what might a newly returned missionary might be thinking.  The article is called, “Returned Missionaries Need a Friend, a Responsibility, and Spiritual Nourishment.”

“As missionaries apply the skills and counsel given to them on their missions, they are able to stay faithful as they make the transition home and establish habits for the rest of their lives.

My mission isn’t the most spiritual point of my life,” Wayne Owens said. “It is a springboard. … More than anything it helped me understand what life is really all about and that real joy comes from helping others. It’s not about yourself, and … there is joy in pursuing holiness and discipleship.”

We are thankful for each missionary and the time they take out of their young lives to serve Our Heavenly Father.  Each missionary and those they love are truly blessed during this process.

Welcome home Collin Bearnson!

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