Happy New Year 2016!














web frost on weed new year 2016_DSC8189









As I gaze out the window at the frosted field of snow

I only see tracks of the elk stately and regal

There is no red glow from the missing alpenglow

I  only see a crystallized unwanted squatter which draws my eye to bedazzle

Something of no significance or worth now becomes a statue of delicate luminous

Once a weed but now a scrumptious statue of exquisiteness

That seems to shout, see me now because I am glorious and consequential

And a treasure more precious than gold because you have a changed heart and a focused gaze that recognizes the value of this eye that is claimed by me

poem by Pam Taylor

This unsightly weed that breaks the portrait of the frosted field of crystals is now a beautiful flower of lace and luminance that caught the eye of this photographer.

May our eyes look for the hidden value in the seemingly insignificant things of life……Happy New Year 2016



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