Snow or Sunshine???

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is that time of year when we suffer through the dreaded inversion.  The smog and pollution is trapped on the valley floor with a cold layer of clouds that holds the haze as its prisoner.  It sounds very dramatic but it really is causing a red day pollution record.  During the winter we have many days that are really drab and gray.  It can become very depressing.

I love to look at photos that I have taken that pattern a very sunny day.  This photo was taken on Oahu, Hawaii by the shrimp truck, Giovanni’s.

Behind the truck is a little stand where one can purchase roasted corn that is absolutely delicious.  This little gecko lives on the poles around the corn stand.  He recently lost his tail and has regrown a brown tail that is not fully developed yet.  He has been named Tailey by the owners of the corn stand.

So thank you Mr. Tailey for brightening my day and letting me see the sunshine once again.

Gold Dust Day Gecko

web gecko brown tail sig_DSC8760

web Uncle Woody's bbq corn sig_DSC8739

web Giovanni's menu sig_DSC8734




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