Eagle Soar’in Over The Tetons…..

It is really difficult to take a photo with a long lens in a fast moving car.  The subject was soaring upwards with aggressive speed and was not willing to pose for its close-up.  LOL!

 I was in the passenger seat, (of course!), as this eagle came from the left blindspot of the car and was traversing to the right.  I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots of the soaring eagle.  The eagle ascended the foothills of the mountain peaks which would soon become the impressive Grand Teton Mountains.

As we drove down the highway towards Moose, Wyoming I can’t recall a more beautiful peafowl blue sky.  It was a frigid morning of minus 15 degrees but it was a breathtaking vision that appeared before us.  Nature is so unpredictable and spontaneous but beautiful and ugly at the same time.

web eagle mountains sig_DSC8451

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