Dryas iulia

I took these photos last February while I was in New York City as I visited The Museum of Natural History.  I went with my sister, Pennie and we had a wonderful time visiting the highlights of this bustling city of skyscrapers.  The museum had a special exhibit of living butterflies.  It was such a peaceful environment that brought the wonderment out of everyone who entered.  My sister and I spent about an hour inside taking pictures and talking to the docents.  It was a remarkable experience and one that will not be forgotten.

These 2 photos are of butterfly known as Dryas iulia.

“….(often incorrectly spelled julia),[1] commonly called the Julia Butterfly, Julia Heliconian, The Flame, or Flambeau, is a species of brush-footed butterfly……”

web dyrus iulia orange butterfly sig IMG_0115_3

web dyrus iulia male sig IMG_0117_3

I am so grateful that I had this unique opportunity to visit the vivarium which means the place of life.  I love flowers, butterflies, my sister, travel and photography.  What more could make this girl happy???

It was a happy day for me!


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