Morpho didius, Giant Blue Morph

As I was trying to capture the perfect photo of this magnificent butterfly I was overwhelmed by the size of this blue iridescent beauty.  This butterfly is about 5 inches by 5 inches and only lives about 115 days.  This butterfly is so bewitching that it immediately draws you under its spell.  I am absolutely fascinated by this wonderful creature.  This Nymphalidae is also a camouflage artist.  You see these gigantic blue heaven-like wings and you become stunned by their grandeur.  As the wings closed, you are staggered again by the contradiction of blue wings by a drab lion-colored brown with yellow and brown eye-like spots.

web blue morpho butterfly sig IMG_0162_3


web blue morpho wing underside sig IMG_0211_2

If you would like to find out more about this mystifying butterfly you can try a couple of links which I will list:

The Rainforest Alliance


I think the blue morpho butterfly is appropriately named because it morphs from a beautiful blue to a drab brown.  The upper and under sides of the wings are distinctly different.





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