The African Hipster

Alex Boye has done it again. He celebrates his African heritage with this new music video.

Alex Boye – African Hipster Ft. (Taylor Swift Doppelganger)


Published on Jan 6, 2016
Alex Boye “African Hipster

“African Hipster” is Alex Boye’s fun tribute to the pride of Africa and it’s worldwide influence.

A HUGE thanks to Brooke Walker for her excitement, and enthusiasm on this project, and for her ‘on point’ acting skills as the receptionist in the vid! Thanks for letting me debut the video on your show!!
Check out her award winning daytime show here:

Special thanks to my Tswift lookalike and totally rad, down to earth friend Keitra Jane Caloway! Go say hi to her and tell her I sent you!

Shot entirely on location at Rays’ Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Go get a fresh cut!
Teeth specially made by:
Sarah Bult / Make up artist…

Production Company – Avalanche Studios

Director – Alex Boye’ & Jason Conforto
Producer – Dave Lindsay
Director of Photography – Zac Heileson
Gaffer – Doug Steed
Grip – Kelsey Daugherty
Production Assistant – Jason “Chewy” Condie
Sound – Ammon Ely
Editor – Dave Lindsay
Color Grading – David Wade


Brooke Walker as: Receptionist
Keitra Jane caloway as: Taylor Swift
Tate Allen as: Mini Me
Jeffrey Louizia as: Obama


Marc Cameron (Big Chocolate) – Choreographer
Go check out his lit dance studio here:
Thanks to Koni @ Millenium for hooking me up with incredible Dancers/ Extras!

Additional thanks to Shielia at Broadway Talent

Thankyou for all the support and love. keep coming back for more videos!!! and remember….”Evry Bodi want to bee an Africaaan Heeepster!!!!”


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