Adele – Hello (African Tribal “Star Wars” Cover) ft. Alex Boye’

Alex Boye’ has a YouTube video that he posted on December 14, 2015 which is a compilation of Adele’s hit song, “Hello” and a Star Wars theme.  Alex is a well-rounded musical artist that puts his own African flair into pop songs.  He is an original!


Published on Dec 14, 2015

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Jambo my friends! What happens when you combine 2 of the hottest phenomenoms together in one video, Star wars (The Force Awakens) and Adele?…Well…This…

Fun Fact: John Boyega, the actor who plays Finn is from London England (like me) He is born to Nigerian parents (Like me) talks with a funny accent (like me) and also has the word “Boye” in his name…LIKE ME!

Check out my Africanized cover of Let It Go from the movie Frozen:

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“I take pop songs and Africanize them”

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Please watch: “Hello – Adele (African Tribal ”…

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