Crystal Bridges


My sister, Pennie and I went to The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas.  It is a beautiful museum that is built around a small lake and features glistening glass buildings that encircle the water.  It also has beautiful grounds and sculptures on the property.  The museum was built by Walmart and is completely FREE.  Walmart was founded in Bentonville so the company decided to give back to the  community by building this enjoyable museum for all who would like to visit.

Pennie and I were driving back to Oklahoma so we quickly took a couple of hours to enjoy the beautiful exhibits.  We could have spent the entire day there because it was so fascinating.  Our visit was 2 hours well spent on a sunny October afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Crystal Bridges

  1. The spider sculpture is actually huge. It is taller than both buildings and you can walk underneath it. I thought that it was very appropriate for Halloween. However, it is a permanent exhibit, one that gets you wondering about its meaning.

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