My Angels……

web 5 grandchildren angels IMG_2447

These are my angel grandchildren.  They are one of my greatest blessings.  I love each one so much.  One of my sweet angel grandchildren was not able to be present for this photo.  I have been blessed with 6 sweet angels in my life.

Do you have your own angel?

What is an angel you might ask

It is a person that has left the presence of holiness and God not so long ago

Or someone who has left this world and lingers to boost your life with positive vibes

Children are one of the best angels that might enter your life

They are too young to be tainted by the judgement of those bad things in their lives

They are innocent, pure, loving, nonjudgmental and have not been taught to hate and discriminate by the worldliness of mankind

As I said before, they are a breath of fresh air and encapsulate joy, love, positiveness and kindness

We must respect where they have come from and be willing to accept their divineness and eyes that are indeed looking through rose colored glasses

May an angel bless your life and wrap their arms around so hard that you gasp for air

We each need someone positive in our life to get us through the pothole’s of mud that trudge us down

I love my angels and I will hold fast to them and hug them back so hard that I will soar once again

Hug an angel today

Poem by Pam Taylor

Here is a photo of my granddaughter that was not able to be in the other photo with her cousins.  Isn’t she adorable????

web Kaylin IMG_2543





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