Why Should You Take Pictures?????

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When our daughter Nichole got married 11 years ago, she wanted her reception in our back yard.  The backyard had a huge and steep hillside full of pyracantha.

” pyracanthas a genus of thorny evergreen large shrubs in the family Rosacea, with common names firethorn or pyracantha……”

I must admit for all of the pyracantha lovers that it is one of my least favorite plants of all time.  It has deadly thorns that can penetrate to the bone if you are not careful.  (I have had many unpleasant encounters with this nuisance and noxious plant.)  Also, the hedges are in constant need of being trimmed.  My husband has been waging the war with the said plant for years and he feels like he is losing big time.  When we bought our house the owners must have felt completely opposite of me and my husband.  They planted that evil pyracantha everywhere in our yard.

Our backyard was small and unsightly.  My husband and I knew we couldn’t have a wedding in our backyard with the way it existed at that time.  We decided to put in a beautiful waterfall.  We love the waterfall and the calming effect it has on our inner souls.

Anyway, fast forward to present time.  We stocked our pond with beautiful and very expensive koi fish.  Even a 3 inch koi was about 45 dollars.  So, all of our fish were small and through the years they grew to at least 20 plus inches.

Now, I look at this photo of one of our yellow beauties and 2 orange baby koi with fond remembrances.  We live next to a canyon that is home to many critters and varmints.   Unfortunately we have been victims of a pond thief so many times that we now have a pond with absolutely no fish.  Those rotten raccoon families!!!

Each year we would start over with the buying, feeding and caring for the baby koi.  After about 5 years we would have large, beautiful koi in our pond.  We have spent so much money on raising the koi that is a huge disappointment that we now have no fish.

Where we live, you cannot feed koi until the water temperature is at least 55 degrees.  Sometimes that doesn’t happen until June.  So, the real question is will we try again?  Who knows?  Whether we start again or not I am so happy that I can look at my photos and capture that feeling that would occur as I would sit by the pond and feed our fish.

Yeah for photos and journals!  What are you doing to preserve your past?



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