Rambutan, Messy Hair……

web hawaii fruit rambuton sig_DSC9018

According to Wikipedia a rambutan is described below:

“….Rambutan is native to tropical Southeast Asia and commonly grown throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.  It has spread from there to various parts of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Central America.  The widest variety of cultivars, wild and cultivated, are found in Malaysia……..

The name ‘rambutan’ is derived from the Malay-Indonesian languages word for ramjet or “hair”, a reference to the numerous hairy protuberances of the fruit, together with the noun-building suffix -an.  In Vietnam, it is called chime chime (meaning “messy hair”) due to the spines covering the fruit’s skin………”

This digital snapshot was taken at an outdoor fruit market on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

This photographer’s eye was captivated by this unique fruit.  The world is full of many things to take pictures, learn and become more knowledgeable about.  I hope that each day I might be able to increase my desire to become educated.

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