Ginger, Torch, Red Ginger Lily…….

The Torch flowers as described by Wikipedia:

“…..Etlingera elation (also known as torch ginger, ginger flower, red ginger lily, torch lily, wild ginger, comb rang, bunga canton, Philippine wax flower, xiang boo jiaing, Indonesian tall ginger, boca de dragon, rose de porcelain, and porcelain rose) is a species of herbaceous perennial plant. Botanical synonyms include Nicolai elation,[1] Phaeomeria magnifier,[1] Nicolai species, Phaeomeria species, Alpine elation, and Alpinia magnifica……..”

web red ginger spider sig_DSC3134

I love tropical flowers and the diversity of flora that exists to astound.  I live in a very, very, dry state with extremely low humidity.  Our floral variety isn’t too broad and often limited.  One of the reasons I love to travel is because I get to experience new types of plants and flowers.

This torch ginger seems so durable if I can use that word to describe its longevity.  This plant when cut and used in an arrangement will stay fresh from 6 to 14 days depending on care.

The other interesting thing about this photograph is the detail.  If you examine the image closely you can spot a couple of strong spider filaments that are attached to this red ginger lily.  I think that small details draw the viewer into the photograph which can personify the image into something that is more compelling.  I enjoy taking photos from different angles, heights and with a variety of distances and lighting situations.  If you do this your photography work becomes more compelling.

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