Red-Crested Cardinal

web cardinal male juvenille sig IMG_0244

This photo of the red-crested cardinals was taken in Hawaii on the Oahu island.  I was so excited to get a photo of these adorable cardinals.  In Utah, we do not have any cardinals here due to our climate.  I am charmed by these cute little birds and their beautiful red crested heads.  I was thrilled to get a picture of the male and female together.  After doing a little research, I discovered that the brown-headed cardinal is a juvenile.  The male and female cardinals look very much the same.  Who would have guessed, certainly not me.  In nature the male and females are always different.  Well, I guess that is why they call it Mother Nature because a woman always has the prerogative to change her mind.

The information below was taken from

“………The red-crested cardinal is common in the lowlands of the main Hawaiian islands. Native to South America, it was introduced to Oahu around 1930. It is also known as Brazilian Cardinal. Red-crested cardinals can be seen in parks, lawns and open dry forests. They feed on seeds, insects, plant matter and fruits.

Adult males and females look similar. Adult birds have a red head, crest and upper breast, a silver-grey bill and dark legs. Juvenile birds look similar to adults, but their head and crest is orange-brown and their bill is black……….”

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