Rainbow Showers

The rainbow shower trees are prevalent in Hawaii.  They are so beautiful that you really do have to stop and enjoy the magnificent sight.

The scientific name for the rainbow shower tree is Cassia x nealiae.  The trees were originally from a southern region in Asia.  The rainbow tree is a hybrid of the golden shower (Cassia fistula) and the pink shower (Cassia javanica).  The rainbow shower tree includes a variety of colors such as pink, white, orange, sherbets and peach.

The trees can reach heights as tall as 65 feet.  The shower trees thrive in humid climates and grow quickly.

Another variety of the shower tree is the white shower tree which features blossoms of white with a tinge of yellow.

The pink shower tree features blossoms of dramatic pinks.

web rainbow shower tree sig IMG_0429



web rainbow shower tree sig IMG_0431


A wish for everyone is to enjoy life by dreaming of rainbow shower trees whenever you need something to lift your spirits and forget your troubles.




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