Hallelujah-Praise ye the Lord, An Easter Message

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Hallelujah—Hebrew for “Praise ye the Lord.”

Jesus Christ took upon Himself the sins and sorrows of the world. Though he was crucified, He rose from the dead. This Easter, find out how, through Jesus Christ, we too can find new life. Hallelujah. Learn more at http://FollowHim.mormon.org. #Hallelujah



Early in the morning, Mary Magdalene, a friend and follower of Jesus, come to the tomb to care for Jesus Christ’s body.  To her astonishment, she find the tomb empty.  But she is not alone.  A man addresses her, a gardener, she supposes.  But then He says her name, “Mary.”  And she see.  He is Jesus.  The Christ lives.

Jesus Christ overcame death and was resurrected, and because He lives, all of us will live again.  Because He lives, not just on the third day, but this day, every day we can find Him.

My husband told me about a talk show that went “on the streets,” to interview people about why we celebrate Easter.  This one lady told the interviewer that we could read about the Easter bunny in the Old Testament.  At first she waffled between the Easter bunny being in the New or Old Testament but finally settled on the latter.

I am here to tell you that Easter is not celebrated because you can read about the easter bunny in the Old or New Testament.  Easter is about our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  You can find out more about Easter by reading the scriptures that I have listed below:


He was betrayed (Matthew 26:14–16)

Denied (Luke 22:54–62)

Accused (Mark 15:3)

Rejected (Luke 9:22)

Bound (Mark 15:1)

Scourged (John 19:1)

Mocked (Matthew 27:29)

Reviled (Matthew 27:39)

Spit on (Mark 15:19)

Crucified (John 19:17–19)

Forsaken (Matt 27:46)

He was obedient to His Father’s will (Mark 14:36)

Atoned (Luke 22:41–44)

Healed (Luke 22:50–51)

Held His peace (Mark 14:61)

Forgave (Luke 23:34)

He gave His life (John 19:30)

He is risen (Matt 28:6)

I hope that all of you may have a blessed Easter Sabbath and focus on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Hallelujah, Praise ye the Lord!


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