This photo was taken at Timber Lakes.  This photo was also taken from the open sunroof. The tiny buds are looking very similar to a pussy willow bud.  However that is not the case but I still love reminder that spring might be on its way.

tweb sig rees forming buds_DSC8804

Mr R’s World of Math and Science website had this delightful poem about trees beginning to bud.

 Bursting bud,
On a tree,
Wrapped in tiny, little leaves…
It weathers winter’s,
Ice and snow,
Waiting for its chance to grow…
When’s that day,
Gonna’ come?
When Spring has sprung,
With springtime sun!
And when those sunny days arrive,
That little bud begins to thrive,
Waking from its winter nap,
Begins to grow, and then unwrap,
I often watch in disbelief,
When tiny bud sprouts giant leaf!

Wikipedia  had this adorable vintage postcard of a girl holding some pussy willows.

German girl holding pussy willows Osterpostkarte

I have to say that I get so happy when spring starts to show all the signs of new growth and life after a long winter’s sleep. Spring is my favorite season. Go and find a sign of spring to lift your spirits and make your heart sing.

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