Red Hills……


web red hills wyoming_DSC4012

We drove to the Gros Ventre area near the town of Kelly, Wyoming.  You drive along a loose gravel road that parallels the Snake River.  The drive consists of dull looking sage brush on the mountain sides.  As you round the corner you come to a beautiful lush green valley full of stunning horses and on the opposite side red hills seem to rise from the boring sagebrush.  It is a sight to behold.

web horses red hills ranch_DSC4067

The valley was peppered with beauteous horses with lots of new foals resting on the grasslands.  We sat in the car gazing at the seemingly magical sight.  We talked to a ranch hand who told us about the ranch and its details.

web Red Hills Ranch_DSC4118

The Red Hills Ranch

“…..Senator Herb Kohl from Milwaukee Wisconsin is the owner of the Red Hills Ranch. He has been producing quatlity horses for nearly 40 years. Roger and Paula Lasson the previous ranch managers have built up a high quality herd that continues to produce outstanding horses.

We wish to acknowledge you who are repeat buyers as well as those of you who are visiting us for the first time. We are proud of our sale offerings and hope you will find what you need for pleasure, work, or show.
These horses represent our stallions, Dressed All in Black and Roulettes Ali.
Senator Kohl loves horses enjoys having all the new foals here every spring….”
web_horse rollingDSC4268

The horses were playful and showing off.  Quite a few of the horses were rolling on the grass to scratch their backs.  Some of the horses were running and entertaining us “city slickers.”  It was a show worth watching.

web mom foal nursing_DSC4101

I couldn’t resist taking this photo of the young foal nursing his mom.  I love the perspective of the rustic fence and the horses perfectly spaced between the fence rails. The rails are out of focus while the subject is in sharp focus.  It was a very sweet moment.

web red hills sage branch_DSC4020

We loved visiting God’s country in Kelly, Wyoming.

Definition of God’s country

: a place conceived of as especially favored by God

God’s country is a place between,
The two great seas.
God’s country is a forest,
Of evergreens and pines.
God’s country is a homeland,
Not tarnished by incredulity,
But shined by hospitality,
God’s country is a hunting ground,
And a young boy’s home.
God’s country is a masterpiece,
Of smelted man and nature,
And of pride, love, and sacrifice.
—poem by Christian Allen

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