Patience Can Reap Great Rewards!……

Emmett was so sad and mad because I wouldn’t buy a $120.00 tiger for him.  Whenever we would go to The Little America Cafe we would have to visit the gift shop aka there are toys there.  All year long Emmett has been begging for a huge “stuffy tiger” that costs a small fortune.

We have been waiting for the prized big cat to go on sale.  We were told that it never goes on sale and if it sold it was quickly replaced with the stock from the backroom.  I did some research and found a site where the tiger was actually on sale.  So we ordered the tiger and shared the cost with his parents.

It was a very happy day for all of us. We loved seeing the delight on our tiger lover’s face.  Patience did pay off for Emmett. Happy 5th birthday, we love you!

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