Happy, Happy Birthday


Grandpa had his birthday this past week and sweet little Emma will celebrate her 1st birthday next week.  These two make my heart sing.

You make my heart sing

You transfer a huge smile to my face

Then my body starts to sway and swing

And I leap to my feet and begin to dance everywhere and all over the place

Sunshine ignites my soul

And my happiness is out of control

Thanks for the love flame and energizing boost

Enchantment, exuberment, cheerfulness and jubilance are all introduced

Into an experience that leaves me spellbound until constant whimsy is produced

May I suggest,  you must seek out experiences in life that make your heart sing forever

      — by Pam Taylor


I hope that each of you might find something to delight and bring happiness to your soul. May we each find someting to make our hearts sing forever.

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