“Only Hope” cover by One Voice Children’s Choir | Ft. Steven Sharp Nelson (The Piano Guys)

This video features 2 more home grown talents from Utah.  The video features the One Voice Children’s Choir and Steven Sharp Nelson from The Piano Guys.

Published on Mar 12, 2017

“Only Hope” (Switchfoot | Mandy Moore) cover by One Voice Children’s Choir
Featuring Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys
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Featured Soloists:
Sidnie Anderson
Brooke Bromley
Lucy Nelson
Natalie Farnsworth

Conducted by: Masa Fukuda
Cellist: Steven Sharp Nelson
Accompanist: Anne Cecala

Music arranged and produced by Masa Fukuda
Video produced by Amy Oakeson and Suzy Oliveira
Video directed by Calen Albert and co-directed by Suzy Oliveira
Cinematography and editing by Calen Albert Cinematography
Original concept by Amy Oakeson and Nick Sales
On-set sound technician Barton Thacker
On-set technical assistant Sean Mason
Set Decor and design by Anne Cecala
Decorated by Shauna Newbury, Adrienne Smith, Kim Cahoon, Jill Wankier, Claudia Higgins, Stephanie Bromley, Wendy Anderson, Emilee Barry, Stephanie Taylor, Rebecca and Cathy Servoss and Jenny Cook
Lead Child Wrangler Saudra Farnsworth
Staging by Amy Oakeson, Nancy Bandley, and Jennifer Yorgesen
Production assistants Rory Sorenson, Jennifer Yorgesen
Wardrobe committee Suzy Oliveira, Marianne Farnsworth, Jeanette Liddell, and Kim Affleck
On-set production assistant and property location assistance Ryan Crandall

Filmed on-location at:
Wadley Farms
Lindon, Utah

A special thank you to Provo Florist and Wadley Farms.

One Voice Children’s Choir is a non-profit organization based in Utah/USA. To learn more about the choir or to make a tax-deducible donation, please visit http://www.onevoicechildren.com.

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