Snow Goose………

On a recent weekend trip to St. George, Utah we decided to take the long way to get there.  We decided to travel off the freeway and journey to the small town of Delta, Utah.  (Delta has a population of approximately, 3,500.)

I had heard about the snow goose happenings and was hoping to see the phenomenon for myself.  We missed the festival but we were able to see the geese.  The flock took up the entire length of the Gunnison Bend Reservoir.


Millard County’s Snow Goose Festival is the second largest wildlife festival in the State of Utah. It is held annually in February at the Gunnison Bend Reservoir. Delta is on the path for the Lesser Snow Geese, who are in flight from Imperial Valley, California, to the Anderson River in northern Canada. They begin their flight in early February and arrive in the Delta area about mid-month. They feed in the nearby fields and then return daily to Gunnison Bend Reservoir.

Come and experience this incredible bird lovers’ treat. A few of the festival activities include the spotting scopes provided by the Division of Wildlife Resources, a 5/10K Wild Goose Chase, Mother Goose Craft Fair, Wild Goose Shoot, and the Quilt Show. For more detailed information, check out the Festival website at or call the Delta Area Chamber of Commerce at 435-864-4316.

Delta, Utah


February 24-25, 2017

Delta Snow Goose Festival

Early each spring, thousands of Snow Geese begin their 3,000 mile voyage home to Canada’s northwest territories. Starting from where they winter in Southern California & Mexico, these travelers navigate their way home with amazing precision and faithfulness.

In addition, they do it all without a trained flight crew, thousands of pounds of jet fuel, or a GPS! Instead, they are equipped with only a few pounds of fatty fuel, a mental map inherited from their parents, a built in compass sensitive to earth’s magnetic field, and instinct! Amazing!

Delta, Utah is privileged with the honor of being along their annual migration route. Starting in early February, Snow Geese stop by to rest, pick up snacks, and ready themselves for the rest of their long journey home.

There is no other place in the State of Utah that offers the chance to see so many snow geese in one place. The sights and sounds of thousands of snow geese in the air and upon the water in such a concentrated gathering is one of the most incredible wildlife experiences available.

Come join us for this year’s annual Delta Snow Goose Festival! Bring your camera and be ready to join the fun.

Snow goose
The snow goose, also known as the blue goose, is a North American species of goose. Its name derives from the typically white plumage. The genus of this bird is disputed. Wikipedia
Scientific name: Chen caerulescens
Mass: 5.8 lbs Encyclopedia of Life
Conservation status: Least Concern (Population increasing) Encyclopedia of Life
Length: 2.3 ft. Encyclopedia of Life
Higher classification: Chen

snow goose

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