“The Song has Ended, but the Melody Lingers On” by Lisa Bearnson

This is the blog post that my wonderful friend, Lisa Bearnson posted on Monday.  I had the pleasure of spending most of last Thursday and Friday with Lisa and her remarkable family.  It was a time to honor, remember, commemorate and reminisce the life of Bob Downs.  I loved spending time with the family and recounting the […]

HSN with Lisa Bearnson…………………… and Daddy’s Little Girl!

This layout was shown yesterday on HSN by Lisa Bearnson using the Well Versed Kit. Everything used on the page was included in the kit. I didn’t have to add anything but adhesive, not even the foam dots to raise certain design elements. Kaylin just turned 6 on the 6th of this month. She has […]

Lisa Bearnson: It’s For the Birds Plus First HSN Product Revealed!

  I went to my dear friend, Lisa Bearnson’s blog and found this entry that she just posted. Yesterday Lisa and my other dear friend, Julie Pacini went to the Farmington Wetlands to enjoy the wildlife on the last day before the area is closed for nesting season.  We all had other things that needed to […]