Forever Young!

  We spent a couple of weeks in sunny California with our dear neighbors Bob and Barbara. We had a delightful time together. First we went to Olvera Street where Bob visited many times during his growing up years. We enjoyed eating his favorite food which is the taquitos with a yummy avocado sauce. We […]


There are beautiful lakes hidden from the highway often covered with the common yellow water lily pads. The common yellow lily. “The water-lily is a common plant of still or slow-moving water and grows in ponds, lakes, canals and ditches. It has large ‘lily pad’ leaves up to 40cm across, and grows in water up […]

Happiest Place!!!

The California Adventure grounds have spectacular fruit trees and flower gardens. It is so fun to enjoy the beautiful landscape as well as the warm weather. Goofy loves to do what he does best……be “goofy.” In this picture it looks like he is shaking hands with the lamppost. How GOOFY! Alec was having a hard […]