#LightTheWorld-Day 6

DAY 6 Jesus taught: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”—Matthew 7:1 Only Jesus lived a sinless life. We should show compassion when others make mistakes, and we trust that others will show us compassion when we have been less than perfect. WAYS YOU CAN SHOW COMPASSION Do you owe someone an apology? Ask for […]

#LightTheWorld-DAY 5

DAY 5 Jesus taught: “Honour thy father and mother.” —Matthew 15:4 We shouldn’t wait for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to express our love to our parents. We can show appreciation year-round by serving them and living the way they taught us to live. WAYS YOU CAN HONOR YOUR PARENTS When was that last time […]

#Light The World, Day 2

Day 2 Jesus taught:”I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink.”—Matthew 25:35 People around us are thirsting both physically and spiritually. We can help them receive the life-sustaining water that their bodies need and the living water that their spirits need. WAYS YOU CAN BLESS OTHERS IN NEED Did you know that access to clean […]

What is #LightTheWorld?

No season of the year shines as bright as Christmas—and the brightest light is Jesus Christ, the Light of the World. Once again we celebrate His birth by making Christmastime a season of service. Join us this year as we learn His teachings and follow His example to #LightTheWorld.