Lindsey Stirling, The Greatest Showman

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What Are Words….Peter & Evonne Hollens-The Piano Guys

This is a beautiful song entitled, “What Are Words.” Enjoy the message, the story and song. What Are Words – ft. Peter & Evynne Hollens – ThePianoGuys Published on May 7, 2015 Download the song here: hope you enjoy our arrangement of Chris Medina’s tune, “What Are Words.” We were inspired by this song because […]


Here is the latest from the Piano Guys.  They never disappoint!  I love the combination of the 2 songs, one from 2015, Hello by Adele and Greg Kurstin and one from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed in Vienna in 1791. “Lacrimosa” (meaning “weeping” or “tearful”) mournfully bemoans spiritual death, while “Hello” gripes about relationship regrets. Different […]

Morpho didius, Giant Blue Morph

As I was trying to capture the perfect photo of this magnificent butterfly I was overwhelmed by the size of this blue iridescent beauty.  This butterfly is about 5 inches by 5 inches and only lives about 115 days.  This butterfly is so bewitching that it immediately draws you under its spell.  I am absolutely […]