Pink Hydrangea

One of my favorite flowers is the pink hydrangea.  I love the flower head that is often bigger than the size of my hand.  The hydrangea grows from the spring to the fall.  I love the big showy bush that changes colors as it dries.  When the flowerhead is dried it becomes a delightful centerpiece […]

Fall is in the Air

Last week the temperatures were in the middle 80’s.  Today the temperature is 44 degrees.  I went out to the Farmington Bay bird refuge to see what was happening.  Patch’s Pumpkin  Patch was setting up for the fall harvest.  Everyone seems to be gearing up for the cold weather and decorating for fall.  I love […]

Yellowstone is Celebrating 100 Years

When we went into Yellowstone and Teton National Parks it was the most crowded we have ever seen.  We have been going to the park for about 35 years and we have never seen so many people and cars.  At the entrances we had to wait in 30 minute lines to enter the park.  There […]

Red Hills……

  We drove to the Gros Ventre area near the town of Kelly, Wyoming.  You drive along a loose gravel road that parallels the Snake River.  The drive consists of dull looking sage brush on the mountain sides.  As you round the corner you come to a beautiful lush green valley full of stunning horses […]