Could It Be Spring???

This beautiful robin was perching on a branch in our backyard just taking in the fresh air.  There have been a variety of birds visiting our yard making me think that spring might really be here.  I have seen cheery yellow daffodils and purple crocus in bloom. Well, don’t get too excited.  As, I am […]

2 Doves Chilling in the Tree…..

The animals and birds have been enjoying the near 70 degree temperatures we have had the last few days here in Utah.  These 2 beautiful doves were relaxing in our backyard.  We love to look out and see the variety of birds that come to feed at the feeders and bathe in the pond. The […]

“Hang’in” On In A Snowstorm

In Utah, the last few weeks have been filled with winter snowstorms.  Often the snow is coming down so quickly that the birds have to hang onto the feeders with all of their might.  This day there was a Dark-eyed Junco and American Goldfinch braving the snowstorm with a brisk western wind.  It was almost […]

Hummingbird at Dusk

It was just before the San Diego Wild Animal Safari Park was about to close when I noticed this beautiful hummingbird perched on top of an evergreen bush.  I watched him for about 5 minutes before he took off in flight.  I am fascinated by these charming, tiny birds that have so much beauty and […]

Water Landing

American White Pelican “…One of the largest North American birds, the American White Pelican is majestic in the air. The birds soar with incredible steadiness on broad, white-and-black wings. Their large heads and huge, heavy bills give them a prehistoric look. On the water they dip their pouched bills to scoop up fish, or tip-up […]

Red-Crested Cardinal

This photo of the red-crested cardinals was taken in Hawaii on the Oahu island.  I was so excited to get a photo of these adorable cardinals.  In Utah, we do not have any cardinals here due to our climate.  I am charmed by these cute little birds and their beautiful red crested heads.  I was thrilled to […]

Downy Woodpecker

I took this photograph from my kitchen window.  This is a cute female downy woodpecker.  I like this photograph because the woodpecker was above my sight line and resting on part of the trunk of the tree.  I love the detail of the beak and claws that are gripping the tree. The following information about […]