It is So Nice to Meet You……

The boys were so excited to meet their new cousin, Stephanie.  Stephanie was in the hospital for 11 days and Alec and Emmett were not allowed to visit her because she had a weakened immune system.  Each new life is so precious to our family.  There is a special reverence as we look at this […]

Happiness is Abounding…..

Children are so precious because they have just left the presence of God and come to earth to teach us lessons in patience, abiding love, tenderness, innocence, kindness, etc.  We are very grateful to welcome our newest grandchild into the world. The following excerpts are from a talk entitled, “Precious Children–A Gift from God,” by […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

We had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving this year.  We had a delicious turkey dinner.  Then we went to the movie, “Coco.”  The animated film was a touching story about the importance of family and remembering your ancestors.  The graphics were vivid and innovative.  The music was representative of the Latin culture and the songs […]

Happy, Happy Birthday

Grandpa had his birthday this past week and sweet little Emma will celebrate her 1st birthday next week.  These two make my heart sing. You make my heart sing You transfer a huge smile to my face Then my body starts to sway and swing And I leap to my feet and begin to dance […]

Patience Can Reap Great Rewards!……

Emmett was so sad and mad because I wouldn’t buy a $120.00 tiger for him.  Whenever we would go to The Little America Cafe we would have to visit the gift shop aka there are toys there.  All year long Emmett has been begging for a huge “stuffy tiger” that costs a small fortune. We […]

Enjoying Life at San Diego….

We had an amazing time in Southern California in May.  The sunshine, warm temperatures, animals, ocean breeze, flowers and plants, eating at our favorite restaurants, relaxing and family time are what we love about our vacations.  We went with Nichole, the boys and ourselves. Patrick had to stay home and pay for the vacation.  We […]