Color in the Desert……

As we were nearing Mesquite, NV we saw a hot air balloon in the distance.  It was 10:30 in the morning with the time change that just occurred.  We were able to see the very end of the balloon festival.  I looked up on the internet and saw an article about the festival which is […]

He is a Funny Kid!

Emmett is a joyful little soul.  I love his smile in the photo above.  He is inventive and always trying new things.  He had a glass of sprite and a 3 flavored slushy.  He told me that he wondered what the 2 drinks would taste like.  The next time I looked at him he was […]

#LightTheWorld-Day 10

DAY 10 Jesus taught: “Search the scriptures.” —John 5:39 The scriptures contain the word of God, relayed to us through inspired servants. As we study the scriptures, we grow closer to God and gain a clearer vision of our purpose on earth. WAYS YOU CAN USE THE SCRIPTURES TO LIFT UP OTHERS Do you have […]

“Think to Thank,” Gratitude

Gratitude:  I am grateful for the freedom of religion.  I am sharing an article on gratitude from the homepage of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I personally think it is important to realize all of our blessings and express thankfulness.  One favorite image that comes to my mind was told by Ezra Taft […]

#LIGHTtheWORLD, Healed the Sick…….

Jesus Healed the Sick and So Can You Jesus Christ had unique empathy for the suffering of others. While many in His day overlooked the sick, Jesus sought them out. Today, we can provide comfort and love to those struggling with physical ailments—just as He did. THREE SIMPLE WAYS TO GET INVOLVED Resolve to pray […]

Dryas iulia

I took these photos last February while I was in New York City as I visited The Museum of Natural History.  I went with my sister, Pennie and we had a wonderful time visiting the highlights of this bustling city of skyscrapers.  The museum had a special exhibit of living butterflies.  It was such a […]