You Never Know What Life Will Bring……

Life throws twists, turns, boulders and potholes in our everyday path of life.  You need to prepare yourself for the unexpected because it happens to all of us.  No one is exempt.  My husband didn’t feel very well on Friday morning. He told me that it felt like someone was standing on his stomach.  We […]

He is a Funny Kid!

Emmett is a joyful little soul.  I love his smile in the photo above.  He is inventive and always trying new things.  He had a glass of sprite and a 3 flavored slushy.  He told me that he wondered what the 2 drinks would taste like.  The next time I looked at him he was […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

We had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving this year.  We had a delicious turkey dinner.  Then we went to the movie, “Coco.”  The animated film was a touching story about the importance of family and remembering your ancestors.  The graphics were vivid and innovative.  The music was representative of the Latin culture and the songs […]

Part of Growing Up!

  We love you Alec and you made $4.00 as a result of your record day! $2.00 from grandma and grandpa’s tooth fairy and the same amount from your own home’s fairy.  What a lucky day! Tooth Fairy Poem Thank you for the pearly white. I took it with me in the night. Your tooth has […]