Sheet music and recordings at Artwork available at Arranged by Masa Fukuda. Sung by members of the One Voice Children’s Choir. Soloists: Lily Kelson and Morgan Childs.Video by Whitney Stratton (@whitneyfilm). Photo credit: The following quote is taken from Shawna’s website: “I wrote this song to express that everything good I […]

I Can Only Imagine……

I saw the movie, ” I Can Only Imagine,” today.  I loved the movie!  It was so nice to go to a movie that made you really think.  It is very unusual to go a movie that was rated PG.  There are so many movies that are vulgar, violent, suggestive, cruel, vicious, disgusting, liberal and […]

Flowering Kale and Cabbage……

This beautiful photo of flowering kale was taken at Disneyland.  The colors are brilliant and vibrant.  A photographer can’t pass such a sight without stopping to admire the kaleidoscope of flashy colors.  These plants can grow from 1 to 3 feet tall and have a width of 12 to 18 inches.  These plants can withstand […]

Western Scrub-Jays

The Western Scrub-Jays frequent our backyard often.  We have a wire heart that we fill with peanuts in the shell.  They can empty about 100 peanuts in the shells in less than 5 minutes.  It is a sight to see.  The jays will quickly hide the peanuts in flowerpots, flowerbeds, in the grass, near rocks […]

The Mission/How Great Thou Art

  Story behind the video & song: We’ve set an ambitious goal to film in front of all Seven Wonders of the World. We started with the Great Wall of China (…). As our tour of Brazil approached we set our sights on our next Wonder: Christ the Redeemer. This incredible piece of art soars […]

2 Doves Chilling in the Tree…..

The animals and birds have been enjoying the near 70 degree temperatures we have had the last few days here in Utah.  These 2 beautiful doves were relaxing in our backyard.  We love to look out and see the variety of birds that come to feed at the feeders and bathe in the pond. The […]

“When You Believe”

Sometimes we need to reflect on things that are bigger than ourselves.  It is my feeling that the world would be a better place if we would do this more often.  If we think about others and what we can do for them then we quit focusing on ourselves.  Service to others is one of […]