June 2-18, 2017, lots of miles and memories………

Route 66……

  We left Utah to travel to Southern Utah and beyond.  We are on a new adventure to places we have never been before.  We left the Salt Lake area and traveled to Monticello, Bluff,  4 corners and then to The National Petrified Forest Park.  There are so many beautiful sights to see along the […]

Christmas Morning 2016

The boys had Santa deliver their presents at our house this year.  Their house is still torn up with remodeling projects ongoing.  Having the boys there on Christmas morning made the magical experience even more special.  We had a huge snowstorm and had at least 13 inches where we live.  

Ginger, Torch, Red Ginger Lily…….

The Torch flowers as described by Wikipedia: “…..Etlingera elation (also known as torch ginger, ginger flower, red ginger lily, torch lily, wild ginger, comb rang, bunga canton, Philippine wax flower, xiang boo jiaing, Indonesian tall ginger, boca de dragon, rose de porcelain, and porcelain rose) is a species of herbaceous perennial plant. Botanical synonyms include […]