He is a Funny Kid!

Emmett is a joyful little soul.  I love his smile in the photo above.  He is inventive and always trying new things.  He had a glass of sprite and a 3 flavored slushy.  He told me that he wondered what the 2 drinks would taste like.  The next time I looked at him he was […]

Downy or Hairy???

 I read an article by Rhiannon L. Crain on the differences of 2 types of woodpeckers, the downy and hairy. Part of the article is featured below: “……Downy and hairy woodpeckers have similar coloration and behavior. But there are two big differences that separate them.  How to identify them: This is where things get tricky. Downy […]

Pink Hydrangea

One of my favorite flowers is the pink hydrangea.  I love the flower head that is often bigger than the size of my hand.  The hydrangea grows from the spring to the fall.  I love the big showy bush that changes colors as it dries.  When the flowerhead is dried it becomes a delightful centerpiece […]

Spiders, Spooky, Shivery, Sugarcane…. What???

We drove around the Haleakala Crater on Maui this week.  We stopped at a waterfall and were taking photos.  I noticed a beautiful spider web that was made by a sugarcane arachnid.  They are fine web weavers and an impressive insect specimen as well.  I love to admire the craftsmanship of a beautiful web.  I […]

A Peek Into Nature……….2017

What a majestic sight to see these bull elk just hanging out on the outer edge of National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming.  I love the elk in the middle that is licking a cattail for his afternoon snack.  It is a privilege to view this everyday event for the elk but one that is […]