A Peek Into Nature……….2017

What a majestic sight to see these bull elk just hanging out on the outer edge of National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming.  I love the elk in the middle that is licking a cattail for his afternoon snack.  It is a privilege to view this everyday event for the elk but one that is […]

Patience Can Reap Great Rewards!……

Emmett was so sad and mad because I wouldn’t buy a $120.00 tiger for him.  Whenever we would go to The Little America Cafe we would have to visit the gift shop aka there are toys there.  All year long Emmett has been begging for a huge “stuffy tiger” that costs a small fortune. We […]

Yellowstone is Celebrating 100 Years

When we went into Yellowstone and Teton National Parks it was the most crowded we have ever seen.  We have been going to the park for about 35 years and we have never seen so many people and cars.  At the entrances we had to wait in 30 minute lines to enter the park.  There […]