Golden Shower Tree

Golden Shower Tree description by Native to southern Asia, the golden shower tree grows fast and up to 33-66 feet (10-20 m) tall. When in bloom its yellow flowers are a pretty sight and the name “golden shower” explains its look well. The tree’s seeds are poisonous. The tree has a very strong and […]


happiness [hap-ee-nis] noun 1. the quality or state of being happy. 2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy. What makes me happy? Happiness to me consists of bright ravishing colors, flowers and sunshine.  If you are having a very cold and snowy winter like I am.  Look at this picture of a delightful and radiant hibiscus. […]

Snow or Sunshine???

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is that time of year when we suffer through the dreaded inversion.  The smog and pollution is trapped on the valley floor with a cold layer of clouds that holds the haze as its prisoner.  It sounds very dramatic but it really is causing a red day […]