Spiders, Spooky, Shivery, Sugarcane…. What???

We drove around the Haleakala Crater on Maui this week.  We stopped at a waterfall and were taking photos.  I noticed a beautiful spider web that was made by a sugarcane arachnid.  They are fine web weavers and an impressive insect specimen as well.  I love to admire the craftsmanship of a beautiful web.  I […]

San Diego Fun…

We recently spent a week and a half with these 2 cuties in San Diego and St. George.  Alec is 8 and Emmett just turned 6.  My hubby and myself have raised children and we certainly know how to take care of them.  It is an entirely different undertaking to take care of 2 very […]

Route 66……

  We left Utah to travel to Southern Utah and beyond.  We are on a new adventure to places we have never been before.  We left the Salt Lake area and traveled to Monticello, Bluff,  4 corners and then to The National Petrified Forest Park.  There are so many beautiful sights to see along the […]

26 in Orlando……..

Today is Chelsea’s 26th birthday.  We spent the entire day at Universal Studios in Orlando.  We had a fantastic day watching how excited Chelsea was at this magical place.