#LightTheWorld With Piano Guys and Friends……

#LightTheWorld is a worldwide effort to share the light of Jesus Christ through serving, lifting, and helping others. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2jIRvJt Our LIVE Christmas concert with Special Guests was held Dec. 12th @ 5:00 PM EST from YouTube New York. Watch and Share the event with your friends and help #LightTheWorld – Merry Christmas […]

#LightTheWorld–Day 20

DAY 20 Jesus taught: “A man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.” —Luke 12:15 Sometimes possessions distract us from appreciating the most important things in life. By eliminating these distractions, we can lead a more fulfilling life. WAYS YOU CAN FOCUS ON THE THINGS THAT MEAN THE MOST What’s […]

#LightTheWorld–Day 18

DAY 18 Jesus taught: “Forgive men their trespasses.” —Matthew 6:14 Allowing anger or resentment to fester will never lead to happiness. We must make amends with people before bitterness destroys our important relationships. WAYS YOU CAN FEEL THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS Does someone really get on your nerves? Write down all of that person’s positive […]

#LightTheWorld–Day 17

DAY 17 Jesus taught: “Ye shall meet together oft.” —3 Nephi 18:22 The Lord commanded that His followers should meet together often to strengthen one another. This applies not only to church congregations but also to families and communities. WAYS YOU CAN SPEND MEANINGFUL TIME WITH OTHERS When was the last time you attended a church […]

#LightTheWorld–Day 14

DAY 14 Jesus taught: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” —Matthew 6:21 There’s nothing wrong with having possessions as long as we don’t lose sight of more important things. When we focus on what really matters and on serving others, we can find real happiness. WAYS YOU CAN FOCUS ON […]

#LightTheWorld-Day 12

DAY 12 Jesus taught: “Blessed are they that mourn.” —Matthew 5:4 Crushing burdens and tragic losses can nearly overwhelm people at times. To show Christlike compassion, we should comfort those who mourn, helping to lift their heavy hearts. WAYS YOU CAN COMFORT SOMEONE IN NEED Do you know someone who’s recently lost a loved one? […]

#LightTheWorld-Day 11

DAY 11 Jesus taught: “I was a stranger, and ye took me in.” —Matthew 25:35 We find it easy to serve and show kindness to people we already know and love. But we don’t fully follow the Savior’s example until we extend that same kindness to people we don’t know. WAYS YOU CAN HELP A […]